Roger Donaldson Part 2.

Episode 8.   Roger Donaldson. Part 2.    Donaldson discusses working with Tom Cruise and the ‘gunslinger’ technique that Donaldson discovered when he ...View Details

Roger Donaldson Part 1.

Episode 7. From discovering a love of film through photography while living in Australia and New Zealand to directing two number one US box office hit...View Details

Nicole Kassell Part 2.

Episode 6.  Kassell discusses her approach to filmmaking. She shares her thoughts on her experiences on Westworld and the challenge of recreating the ...View Details

Nicole Kassell Part 1.

Episode 5. From discovering filmmaking during her first year at college to winning numerous prestigious awards for her first movie The Woodsman, Kass...View Details

Paris Barclay Part 2.

Episode 4.  Barclay discusses his approach to filmmaking and the importance of shot-listing every scene. He shares his thoughts on how you need to be ...View Details

Paris Barclay Part 1.

Episode 3. From growing up in Chicago to directing the biggest show on television, Barclay discusses his start in theatre, his journey to writing play...View Details

David Slade Part 2.

Episode 2.  Slade discusses his career highs and lows, his work techniques, thoughts on how many ‘takes’ a scene takes, developing and refining projec...View Details

David Slade Part 1.

Episode 1. From starting his career in Sheffield, England to directing his first movie in Los Angeles, we follow the beginning of Slade’s career start...View Details

Trailer 2.

First three episodes drop May 6th, 2021.


Created by director Jeff T. Thomas, this is a weekly 13-episode limited series, featuring some of the most talented tv and film directors in the indus...View Details

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